Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gus's ice-cream parlour

In case you noticed the ''Gus's'' in this blog post,this blog isn't actually run by CM Staudt. It's run by (Yep. You guessed it.) a Gus. You still like this blog, right? Good. Now, where we're we? Right. Ice-cream. This stuff.

Mmmmmmmmm....Tasty,right? Uh...not really. Let's start and you'll get what I mean. First,have you tried drinking juice after you brushed your teeth? It tastes G-R-O-S-S-! Then,what were Ben & Jerry thinking?!
Now,does anybody like mealworms? Chickens do, but how about us? (NOTE:Even in ice-cream form, it doesn't look much better...TO YOU!!!!!)
MMMM...Ice-cream!!!! It's...oh. Horse meat flavour.

 Hmmm. Garlic.

Macaroni & cheese ice cream
Chilli pepper ice cream
Pizza ice-cream (OBVIOUS!)

Squid ink ice-cream
Like to get your hands on  some of this featured ice-cream? Try these sites:
Salted caramel ice-cream with pistachio and rosemary recipe
Avacado choc-chip ice-cream recipe
Curry ice-cream with mango & pistachio.
Purple yam swirl ice-cream
Thai basil ice-cream
I'll hide some more recipe links!!!

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