Sunday, July 6, 2014

6 absurd food inventions

Food is odd right? Well,check out these wacky food inventions!

A french fry holder for your car. Enjoy!

A ''chinogku''. A type of headwear that you use to avoid getting noodles and broth in your hair and on your clothes
(I know it might make you look a little stupid but it's NOT better to have a face covered in broth and stuff).
 A A&W beer float in a bottle. SERIOUS. Don't believe me. Check the pic.

Butter in a glue stick form. At least it's easier to spread?

Cheese topping in spray cans. Even weirder,THERE'S MORE THAN ONE BRAND!!!
Candy in a plastic toilet. Enjoy the ''plunger''.
Wanna think twice  before you buy something eh?

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