Sunday, March 5, 2017


Sorry to leave you hanging there, gastronauts! BUT I'M FINALLY BACK! Tragically, though, the Sushi Fish are BROKEN! I can't get them working, but they may be back,so keep your fingers crossed. But anyway, I've finally ditched ''Happy New Year 2015!" for cats with buckets on their heads! (Enjoy that.) Anyway, let's get straight back into the ring with something legendary!

Can anyone see the bottom? NO.

What is this monstrosity, I hear you ask. Well, my sources tell me that this is a classic Burger King Whopper, with the addition of ONE THOUSAND AND FIFTY STRIPS OF BACON.  The man who fell victim to this heck of a Whopper was a Mr. Sato, who is a reporter for Rocket News 24, where I got most of the info for this post from. You thought he would've learned his lesson, because a day before the story I took the info from, he had a go at gulping down 105 strips of bacon on a single burger, in order to capitalize a (then) new offer of an extra 15 strips of bacon (which is already crazy)
on your Whopper for a measly 100 yen. At the time of writing, this is equal to $1.20 in US dollars, or $1.67 in NZ dollars. But nope, he went for it.  They even said in the post:
"After Mr. Sato brought the burger in, we helped peel off the layers of grease-soaked paper, careful not to upset its balance as if it were some cruel butcher’s Jenga.
We removed the last bit of wrapping and there it was: the top half of a Whopper sitting comically upon an epic throne of bacon, with a sliver of lettuce sprouting from the base, suggesting that the bottom half of the burger may be salvaged yet."
There isn't a much else I can tell you that the pictures can't...It took 2 hours for the poor folks to assemble the bacon behemoth and it weighs in at 2.7 kilograms (that's 5.92lbs) and has about 14,300 calories under its belt. In proportion, that can sustain the average person for ten days. But Mr. Sato is no average human.

Sadly, he was defeated by the whopper of a Whopper, and the rest of the office had to eat the remains.

Mr Sato's other escapades involve a cardboard toilet, transforming himself into a human sushi plate, a giant coffee mug and getting a car with all his adventures on it for his birthday.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The story of how chocolate got a life here.

At this point when you are reading my blog you are thinking that there is absolutely nothing left that is normal. And then your like,what about chocolate?! Sorry,but this is the post when we discuss how chocolate ISN'T normal. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!
You'd be suprised how weird chocolate can get. Shall I begin?

Let's keep up the theme of my not so doggone chips,eh?
See that little "Vote for me" ribbon. That's because THIS flavour was competing aganist OTHER Walkers chip flavours. I won't let you down with that either...
Not me,the image upload. It thinks they are files or videos. Sorry again!!!

Who likes Skittles?
 What happens if you mix them with chocolate??
Vanilla,S'mores,Chocolate Caramel,Chocolate Pudding,Brownie Batter. YUMMMMMMMMMM.

Presenting,Ice-cream Skittles! (Who cares if I throw them in?)

Are these fake???? (Hint:no.)
Try this link to make personalized chocolate with this website.

Of course, you remember the deep- fried, I tried...

P.S. Have fun and eat chocolate...and read my blog.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Wacky Foodz Jukebox

Hope you enjoy the songs I've put on today! Expect more visits of the wacky foodz jukebox,it's a cool element in my opinion!
(Note:This is a modern TouchTunes jukebox, not a retro 1950's one)
 (Another note: These are all lyrics videos,not music videos).

 2.Weather with you

3.Oh Cecilia (The Vamps)

4.Payphone (Clean-no rap)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Using the strange:Tips & tricks + a little information that nobody knew about food.

Time for something a little different...something unusual...something weird and wild and wacky!!!!!!
No,I'm not thinking of Harry Potter or Mary Shelley or even Halloween, I'm thinking weird,wild,wacky...FOOD!!!!! (Was it not obvious?!)

The elemental senses:People have been thinking about how taste works for thousands of years. In ancient China...
Cooks believed that there were five tastes,each associated with the five elements...






For a long time,people in the Western world believed that there were only four tastes. However,the ancient Chinese were right:we humans can recognize five distinct tastes when we eat (as well as many different aromas).

The no-smell challenge: How can you make different foods taste exactly the same? With the no-smell challenge. Noses help us taste, so could we taste without them???

  • One slice of fresh apple
  • One slice of fresh onion
  • A grater
  • A clothespin
  • A helper
  1. Grate the apple and onion separately. (Make sure you wash your grater in between.) Place the gratings beside each other on a plate.
  2.  Wash your hands with soap to clear away the onion smell.
  3. Put the clothespin on your nose so you can't smell anything.
  4. Close your eyes and ask your helper to put a spoonful of either the apple or the onion in your mouth. Ask them to not tell you what they are feeding to you!
  5. Now taste the other food, too.
Chances are that because you can't smell what you are putting in your mouth,it will be hard to tell the difference between the apple and the onion.

It's a miracle!: Some foods can change the taste of what your eating. Did you know that artichokes make sweet flavours seem even sweeter? And miracle fruit is called just that because if you take a bite then eat a lemon it can turn a sour mouthful into something sugary sweet.



10 Unusual uses for butter:
Not only can you smear butter on your food, but it has some great uses around your home. This just goes to show that butter goes well with everything.

Step 1: De-Sticks

The natural oils in butter are perfect for combating any and everything sticky. If you've been crafting and got some glue on your hands, first rub them with butter before washing with soap and water.

After your in-home wax treatment, your legs are hair-free but still have some waxy remnants. Just like with the glue, rub a bit of butter on it, and the whole mess will wash off with soap and water.

Gum in your hair? Never fear! Apply softened butter to your locks, and the bubble gum will glide off pain-free.

Maybe you parked your car under and especially sappy tree, or perhaps got a bit over-enthusiastic while tree-hugging. If you've got sap all over, dislodge it by rubbing some soft butter on the spot with a cloth. Wipe away, and wash with soap and water.

If you're needing to cut up some sticky food (pies, dates, toffee, marshmallows, etc) spread a knife very thinly with butter before slicing in. It will slide through easily without sticking.

Step 2: Around the House

If you're out of WD-40, or don’t have any oil, you can stop a door from squeaking by rubbing a little butter on the hinge.

To shine up cast iron, a small dab of butter on a cotton rag will make your metal look like new. This works well with other metals, as well.

Butter can also be used to add shine to your leather baseball gloves, jackets, belts, wallets, purses, etc. Because butter contains proteins, it has plenty of amino acids and won't hurt the leather. Simply rub a small amount of butter on your leather goods for a nice shine.

Step 3: Tough Pill to Swallow

Some people swear a spoon full of sugar does the trick - but if you're swallowing down horse pills, you need something more substantial. Pills covered with a light layer of butter will help the medicine go down.

Step 4: Beautify

These same proteins that are good for you leather are good for your own skin, too! Rub a small amount of butter around your hands, or other dry/damaged areas of skin. Rinse off with a mild soap and water, and you'll feel the difference.  Butter also keeps cuticles soft and flexible, and fingernails less brittle.

Butter is excellent for treating skin irritations like a nasty rash. Rub a generous amount of butter on these irritations twice a day. Allow it to air for an hour or so each day. Cover with a bandage after applying the second daily coating of butter, and within a few days, the wound should be gone.

If you run out of shaving cream, and need smooth skin in a pinch, use a knob of butter on wet skin and get a nice, close shave.

Butter is also be an excellent substitute for hair conditioners.  It provides essential amino acids to fine, limp hair. Comb a little butter through your hair after you use your regular shampoo. Rinse the butter with moderately warm water for a shiny, healthy head of hair.

Step 5: Cat Training

Hey cat people - next time you move, butter your cat's paws before you let them outdoors for the first time at your new residence. Instead of darting out the door in a panic, the cat will sit down to lick the butter, which gives it a little time to become aware of it's surroundings.  Not only is butter a tasty treat, but your cat's coat will be glossier, and the grease from the butter will keep furballs at bay.

Step 6: Prolongs Shelf Life

Leftovers? Butter can help. If you're worried about how long your hard cheeses will last, apply a light coat of butter to keep them fresh and free of mold. Each time you use the cheese, coat the cut edge with butter before you reewrap it and put it back in the fridge.  This trick also works well for onions. Rub butter on the cut surface and wrap the leftover onion in aluminum foil before refrigerating it.

Step 7: Don't Boil Over

Stop pasta water from boiling over by adding a knob of butter to the water when boiling.

Step 8: Ring Removal

Ever tried on a small ring and experienced that moment of panic when you can't get it off? Next time that happens, remove the ring by gently rubbing a little butter around your finger joint and easing the ring off. You may have to do it a few times until it slides off.

Step 9: Something Fishy

Sure, your fishing trip was a big success, but now your hands reek of fish. Rub some butter on your hands, wash with warm water and soap, and everything will smell clean and fresh again.

Step 10: If all else fails...

...and you're left with an obscene amount of butter, go ahead and carve a sculpture . Or experiment with a deep-fryer.
 How animals eat their food. part 1

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bite-sized:whomp! whomp!

Bite sized = no  EXTRA LARGE=yes
World's longest sushi roll:The longest sushi roll measured 2,521.74 m (8,273 ft 4.92 in) and was achieved by Sushkof Restaurant (Russia) at Mega Shopping Mall in Yekaterinburg, Russia, on 12 December 2011.(I couldn't get a picture of this Guinness World Record,but here's some sushi anyway.)

World's largest ice cream cone:
The largest ice cream cone measured 2.81 m (9 ft 2.63 in) in height and was achieved by Mirco Della Vecchia and Andrea Andrighetti (both Italy) during an event organised by Rimini Fiera and sponsored by Sigep, Fabbri, Incisoria Imar, Icam, Martellato (all Italy), at Rimini Fiera, in Rimini, Italy, on 22 January 2011.

The internal cone was made of wafer and covered with a 700 kg white chocolate cone then decorated with 2000 round wafer biscuits.

The mind behind this attempt was Mirco Della Vecchia, a known GWR holder, who in 2009 set a record for the largest chocolate sculpture, a record which he then broke again in April 2010 with a chocolate sculpture weighing 4,870 kg.

Mirco Della Vecchia, for this record attempt, led a team made up of seven artisans in gelato making, all belonging to the Italian association of chocolate makers (CNA). The team included Marco Gennuso, Raffaella Colli, Lorenzo Marrocco and Luigi Biagioni.

The preparation of the gelato (made with fresh milk, sugar, cream, mascarpone and aromatic cake paste) took about thirty hours of work.

The gelato was made up of five fifty centimetre diameter scoops of soft gelato, blast-frozen in polycarbonate moulds.

The scoops of gelato were frozen for 24 hours in a cold store and then placed on the cone and decorated with black cherries and chocolate.
The finished work was completed in an enormous Costan cold room at a temperature of -20°.
World's largest gummy bear(s): If you want to order this or something like that visit this home of unusual but awesome products (A little like a wackyfoodz shop).

 World's largest coke bottle (structure and real!!!):

Driving with the windows down on the wide-open road is definitely a road trip perk. But perhaps the most exciting part of road tripping is discovering random places to stop along the way. Roadside attractions can be strange, fun, goofy, and snap-a-photo worthy all at the same time. If you're planning on a jump-in-the-car-style vacation,that's a spot to hit!

Now if you want fill that with coke,maybe you should try this...Coca Cola in handy 30-litre size!!!!!!!!!

World's largest jellybean: No incredible jellybeans, just crazy artwork with it!!!!
Harry Jellybean

Wave of Jellybeans

Lady Jellybean

Mona Jellisa
And the proud Jelly Belly logo
That's all I have time for! Bye!!!!