Sunday, March 5, 2017


Sorry to leave you hanging there, gastronauts! BUT I'M FINALLY BACK! Tragically, though, the Sushi Fish are BROKEN! I can't get them working, but they may be back,so keep your fingers crossed. But anyway, I've finally ditched ''Happy New Year 2015!" for cats with buckets on their heads! (Enjoy that.) Anyway, let's get straight back into the ring with something legendary!

Can anyone see the bottom? NO.

What is this monstrosity, I hear you ask. Well, my sources tell me that this is a classic Burger King Whopper, with the addition of ONE THOUSAND AND FIFTY STRIPS OF BACON.  The man who fell victim to this heck of a Whopper was a Mr. Sato, who is a reporter for Rocket News 24, where I got most of the info for this post from. You thought he would've learned his lesson, because a day before the story I took the info from, he had a go at gulping down 105 strips of bacon on a single burger, in order to capitalize a (then) new offer of an extra 15 strips of bacon (which is already crazy)
on your Whopper for a measly 100 yen. At the time of writing, this is equal to $1.20 in US dollars, or $1.67 in NZ dollars. But nope, he went for it.  They even said in the post:
"After Mr. Sato brought the burger in, we helped peel off the layers of grease-soaked paper, careful not to upset its balance as if it were some cruel butcher’s Jenga.
We removed the last bit of wrapping and there it was: the top half of a Whopper sitting comically upon an epic throne of bacon, with a sliver of lettuce sprouting from the base, suggesting that the bottom half of the burger may be salvaged yet."
There isn't a much else I can tell you that the pictures can't...It took 2 hours for the poor folks to assemble the bacon behemoth and it weighs in at 2.7 kilograms (that's 5.92lbs) and has about 14,300 calories under its belt. In proportion, that can sustain the average person for ten days. But Mr. Sato is no average human.

Sadly, he was defeated by the whopper of a Whopper, and the rest of the office had to eat the remains.

Mr Sato's other escapades involve a cardboard toilet, transforming himself into a human sushi plate, a giant coffee mug and getting a car with all his adventures on it for his birthday.

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