Friday, September 26, 2014

Mutant strawberries and other !@#$%^&*() cool fruits.

I've posted about food all over the planet, but now, for some home experiences!!!

The first one is when I went to the supermarket and found these in the container of strawberries we bought!!!

That's right. Mutant strawberries.  I know. Holy !@#$%^&*()!  How do you think they got in this state? You'll have to ask Albert Einstein. Good luck. (Nuclear bomb reactions,You think?!)

Second,I was looking through our lemon tree (There in season right now,in New Zealand. I think.)
and found on the ground...this!!
The tiniest lemon ever!!! I hope your a sponsor of Guinness World Records, because I have the tiniest lemon!!!!!!!!!!

Third,about the Earth gems,here they are!
Yes,they're potatoes (In case you haven't read the wacky foodz LIST)! They're not fruits,but this about home experiences so I can throw them in! (THOSE gems up there,not these ones here)

 Thanks so so much for visiting!!!

This video is so funny!!! I just had to share it!!!

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